Role of Data & Operations Analyst

Job Description

Disruptium is a vision founded by three highly motivated & high achieving diverse leaders for aspiring founders, early-stage ventures, and investors, born out of solving the emerging needs of the startup ecosystem. The platform aspires to be a one-stop solution for the up and coming start-up ecosystem, by uprooting the inherent challenges of the nascent stage and fledgling companies, including mentorship, making it fundable and funding it, product-market fit, team resources and everything zero-to-one. Job Description for the Role of Data & Operations Analyst About the Role: The Data Analyst is the backbone of the Department. They are the custodians of information vital to the performance, efficiency, and tracking of our Operational goals. Working across Finance, Facilities Management, Health & Safety, Food & Beverage, Sustainability, Energy, Security, Technology & Community, they will lead the department in giving true insight for key stakeholders to gain visibility and to act accordingly. They will own operational reports that deliver the key data, for the right people at the right time.


• Understanding of the Operations Department responsibilities and Business Goals

• Generate incisive, engaging reports viewable by front-line teams to Executive level

• Work with Team & Managers to develop tools and systems to analyze performance

• Aggregate various data sources into simple & clean reports for teams to gain visibility and execute actions

• Build systems to transform raw data into actionable business insights

• Spot trends and data connections

• Deep dive into data to discover new metrics for performance drivers

• Standardisation of reporting tools & metrics

• Management of existing tools & reports to keep the information up to date

• Continuously Automate their workflow to keep the intensity on the latest focus topics

• Utilize data stored in the central data warehouse to unlock meaningful insights into business trends that enable decision-makers to act.


• Passion & Ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment

• Proven experience in Analytics or Data Science

• Solid experience in data analysis and reporting

• Dynamite spreadsheet skills (Excel / Google Sheets), with knowledge of the all-important formulas for data manipulation & visualization

• Working knowledge or familiarity with business intelligence tool

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