EA & Founders’ Office

Job Description

Disruptium is a vision founded by three highly motivated & high achieving diverse leaders for aspiring founders, early-stage ventures, and investors, born out of solving the emerging needs of the startup ecosystem. The platform aspires to be a one-stop solution for the up and coming start-up ecosystem, by uprooting the inherent challenges of the nascent stage and fledgling companies, including mentorship, making it fundable and funding it, product-market fit, team resources and everything zero-to-one.

About this role :

What differentiates a startup from a conventional organization is the pace of growth, innovation, and exponential scale with limited means and resources. Most importantly, however, it is the nature of the team that is brought together, to be a few steps ahead of the competition, establish Product-market fit at a break-neck pace and execute the strategy. The EA & Founders’ Office role is entrepreneurial in nature and comes with a great deal of ownership. It would require partnering with the CEO and other co-founders in strategy planning, project management, special pilots, and budgeting. Demand forecasting, marketing allocation, pitch-decks, investor relations, and leadership / mid-management hiring should come naturally to him/her. This role entails rigor, hustle, hands-on-deck attitude, and endless patience for experimenting, detailing, and marshaling resources.

The ideal candidate would possess the following :

• 3-4 Years of managerial experience in category management, P&L ownership, project management, Executive assistance to leadership and/or consultancy

• Tier 1 / 2 MBA preferred, Tier 1 / 2 Graduation mandatory

• Entrepreneurial DNA and fear tolerance of a honey badger

• Has MS PPT for lunch, and MS Excel for dinner - Basically, eye for details and sucker for data

• Great communication and people management skills, and is a Grammar Nazi

• Budgeting, financial due diligence, and compliance-enforcement passio

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